Grom Club

Welcome to the BEST Grom Club on the Gold Coast (ahem... if we do say so ourselves)! #nebgromsrule

In a nutshell, we love GROMS. From frothers to chargers - whatever age you are, if you can catch a wave - we'd love to have you on our team.

Now, just letting you know, we are a competitive club, not a 'learn to surf' program. If you're just starting out, you'll need to get beginner lessons elsewhere. However, we do provide amazing development opportunities for our young surfers, including coaching, technical advice, prizes and tons of support.

Our Comps are run once a month, on a Sunday - from February through to October. We have an official Sign On Day in January each year... but if you're reading this now and are keen to join, you are very welcome!

Here's how it all works - we run four divisions each comp. Each Grom gets to surf in at least two heats (more if they make the finals). The divisions are as follows:

Push In Groms (Parent Assist)

This is our youngest division, where our budding young surfers take a parent into the surf with them, to help them paddle into position, and push them onto waves (that suit their child's ability). This is a super fun group for both girls and boys, with prizes awarded for style, correct stance and throwing shakas to the judges.

Under 12's

Groms in our Under 12s can generally paddle out the back and catch their own waves. Some of our kids who are new to Under 12s do have a parent paddle out beside them - to help with positioning and advice.


We're really proud of our Grommettes division. Competing against each other, our girls have a heap of fun, while improving every round. This division can also paddle out the back and catch their own waves. They can have a parent paddle beside them to help with positioning and advice, if necessary.

Under 14's

Our Under 14s are taking surfing to the next level. Confident catching waves, they're turning up the heat on skill and manouevres, bringing mega action to each Comp.

Want to know more? Contact our Grom President, Tom Scantlebury on 0421 614 074 or for details.